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Jack Lown is a leading international  creative partnership. Our designs around the world insist on clever forms while inventing new options for everyday use and content. 



Jack Lown is a leading international  creative partnership. 

HELLO!  My name is Shelley Brant.  I'm an illustrator and product designer.  I've been creating whimsical works for art for the seasonal decor, craft and kids markets for the last 20 years.   I have worked in house as a corporate product designer for big box retailers as well as an art director for a Taiwanese factory.  I own and operate a company called Figgy Pudding Designs that offers digital  artwork, trend direction and product development for manufacturers and retailers.  Check it out at




 I grew up in Kalona, Iowa but have lived in the DFW area of Texas for over 20 years.  I'm a certified clean freak, drive a tiny white smart car, own two very spoiled pug dogs, prefer salty over sweet and draw something, every single day.




All artwork and images copyright Shelley Brant 2017